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Interview: Jareh meets artist Sarah Doyle

When I recently came across Sarah Doyle's work I wanted to know more. A UK based artist her style is witty, interdisciplinary and eclectic. Encompassing an array of film, illustration and portraiture her work has been shown internationally and recent solo shows include 'The Nexus Treatment' at Space Station Sixty-Five Gallery and 'Celebrated Sobriquets' at The Surgery London.

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Seventeen Gallery Preview

Private Views have been on the quiet side...
I haven't really seen anything in LDN worth reporting back
and Wysing Arts was a bit f a nightmare...
I will make a trip to Cambridge though in the next few weeks.
ARCO Madrid as well as Barcelona in a week will be rad.
I did however pop into Abigail Reynolds' first London solo show

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Pirate Brickhill 'An African in London' Pt 6

Coming out of hibernation a touch early I feel, but then I don't think one is often afforded time to stop in this busy city. As I write this blog I am nearing the end of my 24hr fast in solidarity with the people who are going hungry in my homeland Zimbabwe. Of course the reality in Harare where I grew up is that people are somehow still surviving and there are still pockets of town where creative people get together. Get drunk and listen to a band on a Wednesday night. Of course you have to buy your beers in US dollars now.

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Royal Art Lodge answer a few questions...

Royal Art Lodge were an art collective
based in Winnipeg. Over the years they
have had a few different members and had
their last show as a collective at
The Liverpool Biennial but still continue to
create art, original member Neil Farber
and Michael Dumontier still work
Royal Art Lodge's work are
are small-scale

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Hong Kong City Fringe Festival: Overview

Hong Kong has long been criticized for the lack of an artistic scene – But I can report back that there is a scene it’s alive and kicking.

I’ve just returned from 10 days R&R in Hong Kong, Part of which I spent at the ‘Fringe Club’ ... on Albert Rd. Which hosted its annual cabaret and fringe arts festival called the ‘city festival’ whilst I was in Hong Kong.

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Live Review: Brooke Parrott at the Regal Room

The Regal Room is a live music venue on top of a jazzed up pub in Hammersmith. Last night, moments away from a bouncing, spotty horde watching Slipknot in the nearby Apollo I nibbled poshed up fish and chips and took in their weekly acoustic night.

Hold on...Hammersmith. Weirdest place on earth right? That drain hole roundabout, the way the streets lead nowhere, the puddling shadows beneath that famous flyover.

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