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Zoe Catherine Kendall

Personal Brief

Zoe, or ZCK as she is known to her friends, is an artist and writer, born in bred in this very town. Back in the day she trained as a jewellery designer at Central Saint Martins and launched her own jewellery collections which she used to sell in Kabiri and Selfridges (www.zoekendall.com), but these days she prefers to spend most of her time living, breathing and working with words and with varied forms of artistic expression (www.self-series.blogspot.com). She loves listening to all of her deejay younger brother's vinyl discoveries on her home-made record player, dancing around her studio whilst working on the project of the day and fantasizing about god knows what! Equally as afraid of the mundane as she is excited by everyday tasks, this one is known for her obsession with the self, the mind and with art as a living process/living as an art process. Zoe uses word, image, moving image, performance, installation, momento and found object interplay to describe a process of living, with memories providing the filter through which the world is seen.


Find her blog at www.self-series.blogspot.com

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