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Silas Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors and Halloween

At the end of the summer, I paid a visit to Viktor Wynd's home to hear about the plans for his Little Shop of Horrors. Work was underway on the Mare street property that had been secured for the latest Last Tuesday Society project; stocking everything from taxidermy to antique surgical equipment it is the antidote to IKEA, the antithesis of the bland, beige interiors we've become used to.

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Hussey and The Climate Road Show - Blog 4 ‘The Band at the End of the Universe’

The road, I am learning, is a school all of its own. It brings adventures, it injects a new psychology. I came on this tour partly to see England and praise the lord I’m getting a truckload of Albion. I’ve seen motorways and grassy hedges, picture post card villages, cottages under sleepy thatch, been growled at by provincial landlords and even attended bonkers church services.

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