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'La Traviata', or 'The Fortissimo Consumptive'

There’s a story that when Verdi, that most Italian of composers, traveled by horse and coach to Russia, he went clutching a suitcase of spaghetti. To offset the fur and the ice, his wife purportedly said. I sat on the 18 bus from an unmentionable part of zone four with a greasy wodge of pizza and a beer on my way to the ROH’s big screen presentation of La Traviata at Trafalgar square. There was no fur and ice. It was the hottest day of the year, but the sentiment, I like to think, was similar: deracination.

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Naomi's Style - July Tips

This month we check out London’s most stylish pub, dance to the beat of the our favourite artist dj’s, talk eco couture, and check out other people’s panties. Plus the real Sporting event of the summer and the pastie’s are finally standing up for themselves.

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Interview: Jareh Meets Joe Bataan

Jareh caught up with Joe Bataan during his quick tour of the UK as past of Red Bull Music academy at East London's Cordy House. He had played a blinding set the night before at Cargo, alongside James Pants & The X Group, as well as guest speaking at Red Bull's Music Academy London session at Cordy House.

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Website Review: 'Etsy' - the artists Ebay by Katie Antoniou

If you've cut back on retail therapy since the financial apocalypse, and withdrawal symptoms are beginning to set in, let me point you in the direction of Etsy. Assuaging all your sweatshop/environment/sustainability guilt, ... is kind of like Ebay, but for handmade items only- from cookies to soap, socks to coffee tables-if it can be made, chances are you'll find someone on Etsy who's making it. Sellers range from housewives in Ohio, to fashion students in Denmark; all earning a little extra through their creative handiwork.

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