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Review: Cosi Fan Tutti by Fiona Halliday

Too Cosi for comfort

Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte has been re-conceptualised, shelved and relaunched more times than Marks and Spencers. It has, over the years, become a testing ground for quirky production ideas: it’s been set in a scientific warehouse, a snobby hotel during the Boer War, a girl’s boarding school and a mental asylum in Melbourne. It’s also been a ‘hip hopera’ complete with nipple piercings and inner city locution. What next? Arias in Kalahari click language?

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Jareh at Stag & Dagger

Stag & Dagger returned to the east end bigger and better this year. Firetrap sponsored, while Adventures In A Beetroot Fields lead with the music taking it another step on from last year with more bands and more venues involved. They even took the show on the road to Leeds & Glasgow over the course of the weekend.

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Music Review: Kapranos on Yann Tiersen

Sitting on the Tube last week, listlessly flipping the gossip pages of the Metro, I detected an exotic twinge in the air. Beside me chic girls in scarves were chattering to floppy guys in jumpers. Ah the French I thought, delighted. You might attribute the Gallic invasion of London to Top Shop and the dead pound but I, for one, welcome it being a big fan of all things French.

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Naomi's Style - May Tips

Pyjama frolics, Minxy missions, Pastie protest and a ‘Style off’ but is it? Plus all this months new talents condensed for your taste buds only.

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Naomi does Eureka at the Design Museum

There is a debilitating side to a fine vintage addiction. I prefer to abstain from the new fangled ‘fashion’. Like LA celebrities I have always considered it shallow, plastic and badly cut. Recently though a one off exhibition opened my eyes. I discovered that the excitement of innovation is sister to the shivery delight of a rare vintage treasure. Where did this lightening bolt occur? Read on and all shall be revealed.

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