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Bestival 2010, Report by Helen Marshall & Jenny Blyth

It hasn't rained yet.... Thursday was one of the hottest days in weeks, hazy and relaxed, we basked in La Roux and Ded Man in the Big Top playing an array of mid tempo tunes.  Surprises such as Prince, Salt n Pepa and even Chaka Demus and Pliers got a friendly buzz started: well, it was chill out night!  
Friday night and all's well.  What a start to the music proper: RR started off with a bouncy Example's set: Love Kick Starts Again was a crowd pleaser for the early afternoon punters.

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INTERVIEW: Leslie Deere talks to Carmen Salas and Estela Oliva, co-Directors of LDN’s new digi arts & culture fest, Alpha-ville

Alpha-ville, inaugurated in 2009 by Carmen Salas and Estela Oliva, is a new digital arts organisation in London. Alpha-ville operates as a platform for online and live digital arts and culture. The aim is to increase the exposure of high calibre digital arts within an interdisciplinary context. The mission is to promote public participation and engagement while unveiling new and emerging talent. They want to be known as the curators of a cutting edge cross section of the digital arts and design world.

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ARTIST BLOG - The Process: Ceremony of the mundane by Zoe Catherine Kendall

What can we do to reach a higher state of being? How can we learn to relax with more dedication? Getting in touch with the spaces between everything and every action, paying homage to the nuances of day to day life, revelation gained through repetitive tasks, meditation, nothingness and lack of meaning.

Sounds pretty exciting huh? I know, it’s my latest party trick.

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