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a quick plug: Celebrity endorsed grills

Is there anything more facinating and horifying symultaniously than the Ex Boxer/ wrestler making an infomercial for a cheap grilling product and extoling its virtues to a z list shopping TV presenter?

for my occasional views and reviews check:


Highlights so far: Don King Judging a grill off between George Formans grilling machine & Evanda Holyfeilds Grill

and the spectacularly so bad its good hulk hogan infomercial for his 'Ultimate Grill'

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Hussey's Riot: Barndating!

So here it is punters. The first adventure! Hussey's Riot begins.

I awoke the next day in my room, caked in that London, hangover sweat, mind troubled by images.

Twirling bodies, a beautiful girl. Barndating?

What did it all mean? Well sit back reader and let me dream it all up for are feeling very sleepy...drink this, no don't worry...they are vitamins...

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'Hussey's Riot' - one man, a million London parties...

Something appalling happened to me recently. I was swanning around an exotic continent, when boom! My money ran out. It was time to go home.

Farewell Guatemala, I will miss your smiling people and your rule free traffic. Goodbye mountain ringed Xela, you were an ugly town but you knew how to have a good time.

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The Bookchurch Review: 'Ecce Homo' by Nietzsche

Let's start today's breathless review of the Oxford University Press new edition of Ecce Homo (Friedrich Nietzsche's curious autobiography) with something completely different. A shouty imperative and then a nice video just like teacher used to show.


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Hg2: 'A Hedonists Guide to Life' Edited by Fleur Britten

A Hedonist’s guide to… LIFE

Edited by Fleur Britten

Available in all good bookshops from Tuesday, 23rd October 2007.

A Hedonist’s Guide to Life is a manual to all life’s pleasures, be they simple or guilty, the thrill of rebellion or the thrill of religion. The unifying principle is simply the very great importance of pleasure itself. So come on – smoke a cigar! Get off on altruism! Throw a fancy breast party!

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Feisty Vera reminisces the fetish Xpo

How refreshing it is to dive into a sea of fetish from time to time. Feel the latex hug and warmly smother every inch of your skin; feel the animal touch of soft leather on your own leather, cinching your waist, to remind you that there is not that much difference between you and the beast your corset is made of. And of course taste the whip, in love not given lightly (OK this is Lou Reed not me), eye the plethora of languorous dildos that crave for batteries and for a slippery slit where they can work their miracles.

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Eastern European Adventure Pt2.

So the real journey begins - Stood at Zadar bus station mid afternoon, having left my colleagues and friends an hour ago, I had bottle of water in hand and toasted cheese sandwich in my bag accompanying my laptop and three inch thick book on cryptography, previously lost rucksack in the hold of the bus, I was about to head out to Zagreb for an early morning connection to NoviSad, I was unaware of the spectacular scenery and culture that was to unfold like a flower before me on the road in front of me, I entered the bus a ride to Zagreb which was last about 4hrs which was hal

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The Bookchurch Review: 'Joshua Spassky' by Gwendoline Riley

Joshua Spassky
by Gwendoline Riley
Review written by Patrick Hussey.

When I first saw a Gwendoline Riley book in May 2002 I had been graduated for a year and was working in a bookshop. It was an rotten job with an Aspergic manager, the type who kept dropping tenners and then smiling when I handed them back. The staff were all older and had a sort of lost stink. Nice but lost. I tried to ignore them as much as possible and hid in the staff room reading.

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