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Rebel Dining Society 'Pernod Absinthe Green Hour'

It was somewhat unwisely that I attended the Rebel Dining Society Absinthe special, 24 hours after having a wisdom tooth extracted and thus 24 hours since I had last eaten. After a delicious absinthe mojito, we were seated at the dining tables where yet more booze was provided- a knowledgeable host talking us through the proper absinthe/sugar/water ratio.So armed with our special absinthe spoons and fountains, we set to work.

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'JUST DO IT - And That Means Environmental Action, Not Trainers' by Charlie Phillips

Photograph by Mini Mouse

Environmental activism has changed the game in the last year. The third Heathrow runway has been defeated, renewable technology is being encouraged as a trump over NIMBY planners, and a post-oil world is being serioulsy considered – albeit with a little help from BP’s careless drilling. The tedious anti-scientific rhetoric of climate deniers hasn’t drowned out the clamour from noisy climate campers and activists.

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