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Stage Poetry: Luke Wright and Ross Sutherland- by Amy Liptrot

Amy Liptrot considers the recent performance poetry special Luke Wright's Three Stigmata of Pacman

Over the past decade the young writers in the Aisle 16 collective have - both individually and in group shows - built up an impressive amount of work and developed a distinctive funny and smart style in the endlessly-derided 'performance poetry' genre. Tonight, the two founder members of Aisle 16 present accomplished one-man-poetry-shows to busy, receptive audiences in Islington.

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The Dotpod Special: Gwendoline Riley - Genius, Vodka and the Truth

this is the listings from the previous DotPod episode, named one of the ten best podcasts in London. New episode coming soon! Featuring Vice,Tamsin Omond, Crystal Fighters and Gabby Young.

What is Dotpod? It’s a sigh in the dark, a nasty slice from the left side of glory and we know, we know you like it...

Patrick and Emre are back – steady yourself for Dotpod 3!

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The Gig List 5: Anthony Chalmers lines up the week's best London gigs

This is the new blog that tells you the sweetest London gigs for the next seven days. God don't like it, but we do. Take it away Chalmers.

Aaaanyway, onto the recommendations for the week!

On Monday night I'm at Cafe Oto for Damo Suzuki with Hyrst supporting and a fantastic backing band but that's sold out so no point plugging that so I reckon Tristram, Stars of Sunday Leagu & Adelade's Cape at The Luminaire is a winning option and Fanfarlo are playing Rough Trade as well.


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12 Resolutions by Tamsin Omond

Activist Tamsin Omond was asked by the Evening Standard to offer up her Resolutions for the year. Alas, they steered clear of this, and so – here we have them. Twelve personal Resolutions for the year. Take it away girrrrrl!

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Naomi's Jan Style Tips

Happy New Year Rioters. Tips returns with a healthy dose of culturama and style to banish any January blues. Read on for your one-stop style-shop of events and happenings in Bojolandshire.

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The Gig List 11-17 Jan: Anthony Chalmers lines up the best LDN gigs

New Year, new music. Anthony Chalmers is back telling you the greatest gigs for this week. God don't like it, but we do. Take it away Chalmers

Morning! So I'm choosing to ignore everything that is going on work wise to get this gig scrawling done for this week... Have so many fucking shows this week and Tristram stuff and Press stuff aannd, well you don't really want to know about that!

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Review: 'Lido Love' by Amy Liptrot

Journalist Amy Liptrot reviews the recent 'Lido Love' night at the much loved London Fields Lido. Once a home to “squatters, discussions, festivals, community events, raves” this night bought art back into the changing room.

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Katie Antoniou interviews and styles The Palpitations

Before the snowpocalypse, I was lucky enough to spend a day shooting the gorgeous Danielle Webb, lead singer of The Palpitations.It was already ruddy cold; that coke she's drinking in one shot was half full of brandy to prevent the onset of hypothermia!Here's some stuff about Dani and the band, as well as details of their forthcoming gigs, which you'd be mad to miss.

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