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The Gig List 4: Anthony Chalmers lines up the week's best London gigs

New Year, new music. Anthony Chalmers is back telling you the greatest gigs for this week. God don't like it, but we do. Take it away Chalmers

Alright folks! So after being off for Xmas it's the first blog of 2010, first week of Jan is notoriously quiet for gigs apart from Jan 2nd/3rd weekend which clubbing wise is amazing! Anyway does seem to be some good stuff on though to point you in the direction of!

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Batoned in the Throat, Pepper Sprayed in the Face...then I met Daryl Hannah: Deborah Grayson blogs about her day in Copenhagen

In this brilliant stopwatch blog Deborah Grayson of Climate Rush counts down the day protesters in Copenhagen tried to break into the Bella Centre at the summit. She gets pepper sprayed, batoned in throat and still finds time remind us how hot the police are.

'Even when they're about to hit you the Danes are undeniably fit.'

The Battle of the Bella Centre by Deborah Grayson

Midnight: 16th December 2009

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The Battle of Copenhagen - one activist tells us what it was like protesting at the failed Summit

Knives, pepper spray, beatings. Comedian and activist Jonnie Marbles tells us about his alarming experiences at the front line of the Copenhagen protests.

by JonnieMarbles

"What are you doing?" A security guard asks me. My mind is swimming with the events of the last few days, and I am just waking up.

"I’m going to The Bella Centre. I need to stop the summit." I reply.

“Do you know where you are?”

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Katie Antoniou interviews Gabby Young and Other Animals

Gabby Young and Other Animals have stormed onto the music scene with their highly acclaimed debut album, 'We're all in this together'. She's a real stunner,with a voice as loud as her hair- have a read then follow the links to hear what she can do, or head to the Borderline tonight for the last gig of her tour.

How did you find your identity as Gabby Young and Other Animals?

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The Gig List 3: Anthony Chalmers lines up the week's best London gigs

This is the new blog that tells you the sweetest London gigs for the next seven days. God don't like it, but we do. Here's the hardest music Elf since Little Richard...Anthony Chalmers

Right I'm busy! Got that! Busy! So let's get straight in!


Tonight I'm at Old Blue Last for A Genuine Freakshow, Hryst & One Fathom Down. It's all free entry and 3 v good bands. Bit of Post-rock, bit of Surf, bit of experimental rock. All good stuff!

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'The Gig List' : Goddontlikeit's Anthony Chalmer's New Weekly Blog

Rioters, there is a new voice amongst us. We wanted more music on the site, we wanted a weekly recommendations of the best gigs. So we chatted up man about town and 'God Don't Like It' promotional whirlwind Anthony Chalmers. Take it away Chalmers, let's take this blog for a walk!

So to introduce myself. My name's Anthony Chalmers I'm a London based promoter, DJ, label owner, gig goer & general music guy!

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