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Hussey and The Climate Road Show - Blog 4 ‘The Band at the End of the Universe’

The road, I am learning, is a school all of its own. It brings adventures, it injects a new psychology. I came on this tour partly to see England and praise the lord I’m getting a truckload of Albion. I’ve seen motorways and grassy hedges, picture post card villages, cottages under sleepy thatch, been growled at by provincial landlords and even attended bonkers church services.

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Naomi's Style Tips: Sept

A Scandalous tea party//30’s glamour aboard the SS Atlantica// Babs’ Fab//Menu Fix chez David Carter.

This is something about September that that fills me with glee. Although it signals that summer is well and truly over (and frankly when did the lazy child start?) it has a crisp, freshness full of new beginnings. Did Aloysius Lilius get the calendar wrong? I think so. For me September really signals the start of a new year and it is with great satisfaction that I bring to you more new events than you can shake a Time Out at.

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