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Steinsdotter: Hidden Child

It's the empowering debut from Norwegian multi-disciplinary artist Steinsdotter.

Finding the inspiration for her powerful debut while hiking across the fjords of her home nation while attempting to come to terms with her traumatic past and the aftermath of it all, Steinsdotter says of her piece:  “Hidden child is about the loss of innocence. To me it is like a mantra of strength that I created for myself in a way, trying to search for peace in something that feels completely overwhelming and soul destroying.

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Making her musical debut: 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg lends her voice to a new track by The 1975

Having become one of the leading voices in the climate change debate, the environmental activist restates her message through the power of music.

All proceeds from the track will go to Extinction Rebellion at Thunberg’s request.

Full text of Thunberg's speech:

"We are right now in the beginning of a climate and ecological crisis.

And we need to call it what it is. An emergency.

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EcoFutures Q&A: Performing Rights Series: Ecologies of Migration

Presented as part of EcoFutures Festival Tue 9 April 2019, the Q&A - Performing Rights Series: Ecologies of Migration reflects on stories of migration, border-crossing and refuge-seeking are integrated within ecological discourses from queer, feminist and decolonial perspectives.

Curated by CUNTemporary as part of EcoFutures festival. Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser, Feral Theatre (Emily Laurens, Rachel Porter, Persephone Pearl), and Quimera Rosa discuss their work.

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Kelis: Milkshake - a topical pop song

Milkshakes - they're the next big thing. They're replacing  the egg as the go-to for culinary, political splatterings. I can only assume this is since milk is cheaper than the egg. However, I must add, if you really want to be economical, why not throw a bottle of your own urine? That'll really piss them off. I'll let everyone think about that for a moment.

[DISCLAIMER: Run-Riot takes no responsibility for any urine throwing that may occur]

So here's a song for y'all who like milkshakes... or like throwing them at the opposition.

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A Clodhopper Ep1: Shakona Fire

A Clodhopper is Arts, performance and the underground, a place where these three things intersect with politics, the human condition and ideologies. This is entertainment that says something about the world today and a lived experience you may have never have been conscious of before.

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Woman at War (Official Trailer)

In Cinemas from 3 May.

From the director of 'Of Horses and Men', Benedikt Erlingsson brings his funny, moving and utterly unique 'Woman at War' to the big screen.

Woman at War follows the independent, fifty-five-year-old Halla as she juggles the adoption of a beautiful little girl whilst planning her final act of industrial sabotage.

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Ólafur Arnalds - Ekki Hugsa (Official Video)

Directed by Árni & Kinski and choreographed by Ásrún Magnúsdóttir and Alexander Roberts, Ekki Hugsa is about surrendering yourself to the moment and letting go. In Ólafur's own words, it's "realising that the moment of highest creativity tend to come when I finally manage to turn off the broken radio that is my head."

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