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Steinsdotter: Hidden Child

It's the empowering debut from Norwegian multi-disciplinary artist Steinsdotter.

Finding the inspiration for her powerful debut while hiking across the fjords of her home nation while attempting to come to terms with her traumatic past and the aftermath of it all, Steinsdotter says of her piece:  “Hidden child is about the loss of innocence. To me it is like a mantra of strength that I created for myself in a way, trying to search for peace in something that feels completely overwhelming and soul destroying.

It is a song about creating your own hope where there is no hope. It’s talking about the taboo side of sexuality in society, the shame and the guilt and the hurt. The misunderstanding. The illegal. The vulnerable. And it became very important to me to stay true to the darkness of what that feels like as the song developed, at the same time as I wanted it to be an empowering experience to listen to. I wanted to be honest about how it feels like to be assaulted and then to try and make it sound beautiful - it’s a fine balance because it’s nothing beautiful about the experience at all.”

Directed by Fayann Smith
Videographer Aleksandra Karpowicz
Edited by Jack France and Fayann Smith
Colour graded by Jamie Reibl
Styled by Joey Bevan (the dress is made out of actual fabric from the Buckingham Palace read; the queens old curtains)
Hair by Spencer Silver
MUA by Claudine Blythman

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