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Brass Moustache Films: The UK Gold

'The UK Gold' takes a powerful swipe against the British Empire behind the white gloves, and tells the story of a contemporary crisis and an ancient practice, which shows how deep deception is ingrained in our proudest institutions and traditions.

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End Ecocide in Europe in a Nutshell

Led by a group of volunteers, ‘End Ecocide in Europe’ is a European Citizens’ Initiative envisioning a world without ecocide. By aiming to collect at least one million European votes to propose legislation to the European Commission they hope to make ecocide a crime and encourage citizens to contribute to shaping the society we live in by making use of their legal right to vote and the right to live in a healthy environment, for today’s and future generations.

For more information, head to End Ecocide.

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Greenpeace: Walking with Aurora, the giant Polar Bear

On the 15th September, Aurora, the giant Polar Bear that walked through central London, towards the doors of Shell's HQ to protest about plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. Here, filmmaker Prano Bailey-Bond made a short film that captures the beauty and spectacle that was Aurora. Watch the journey of how she came to be, from conception and construction all the way through to that moment when she carried the names of the millions who want to save the Arctic to Shell’s doorstep.

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Greenpeace film feat Jim Carer (Downton Abbey's Carson)

More info here - read info, sign petition, and/or donate: savesantashome.org
It’s his home, and where he, the Elves and Mrs Claus produce, organise and deliver presents for all the children of the world. But the North Pole is only a frozen ocean and it’s melting away faster and faster. Santa can no longer function. His warehouse is flooded. All the presents are ruined.

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