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Urinetown The Musical

Directed by Jamie Lloyd, Urinetown The Musical is an epic tale of greed, corruption, love and revolution set in a time when water is worth its weight in gold. And every revolution needs a hero... however unlikely!

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Bishi: Ship of Fools - Live

Directed by Hardern and Noriko Okaku with animation by Noriko Okaku and featuring images of the The Kash Point Kids and The George and Dragon (Shoreditch) Pub Choir, this is the live performance of Bishi's Ship of Fools. No effects, no jiggery pokery, just very... Very live! 

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Robin and Partridge - West Side Tory

They could definitely live on £53 a week. Stop giving them such a hard time, and maybe get a job!

Featuring Robin and Partridge, Kat McGarr and Matt Blake, Tim and Rich from We Are Goose, Jack Stigner, Will Manning, Will Eden, James Dowdeswell and Rebecca Baron.

Lyrics by Partridge

Music by Will Manning

Produced by IDION Films


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LIFT 2014 Launch FIlm

The entire LIFT 2014 festival programme has now been announced.

Catch a glimpse of everything in store for London in the 4 weeks of June, from the football pitches and favelas of Brazil, the shopping malls of Japan, funeral processions of Haiti, the hidden archives and spaces of the Royal Academy and Somerset House...and much more in between.

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The Zombies - TIme of the Season

Here's a blast from the past! Think British Invasion. The year was 1967. The album was Odessey and Oracle. The single - Time of the Season. It may never have reached #1 in the UK, but the jazziest and most sophisticated of all the British Invasion groups were in fact the second UK group to score an American #1 hit. 

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Nick Cave: 20,000 Days on Earth - Trailer

Nick Cave has long been one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures in the music and film world. And now, he's marking his 20,000th day on the planet Earth.

This innovative drama/documentary features Cave as both subject and coconspirator, intimately documenting his artistic process and combining it with a fictional staged narrative of his 20,000th day on Earth. As a result, the film also explores the creative spirit. 

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Brass Moustache Films: The UK Gold

'The UK Gold' takes a powerful swipe against the British Empire behind the white gloves, and tells the story of a contemporary crisis and an ancient practice, which shows how deep deception is ingrained in our proudest institutions and traditions.

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