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The Gloryville Effect is going global

Everyone’s favourite early morning ravers are taking it to the next level!

A few years ago people would struggle to say ‘early morning sober raves’ with a straight face. Now it doesn’t matter what their reaction is. Morning Gloryville are intent on taking their work worldwide, taking magic and healing experiences to the next level.

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Nonclassical Battle of the Bands 2017

Taking a concept usually associated with school events and School of Rock and applying it to new art music, renegade contemporary classical promoters Nonclassical host the latest edition of their Battle of the Bands – and they’re taking applications to participate.

To apply to take part, check out the link below and fill out the form therein. Selected applicants will perform at the event on 11 January.

There will be prizes: first prize includes a bottle of Champagne and a track on the next Nonclassical compilation, plus extra goodies for runners up.

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Becoming Shades: An Underground Circus Kickstarter

Becoming Shades is a show that takes the audience on a journey through the dark heart of the Vaults in Waterloo. The long tunnel of the cavern is transformed into Hades. Performers appear from in front of you, behind you and from up above you. There are no seats, everyone makes their own journey and the action takes place all around. The score has been composed specifically for the show and is performed live.

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Keep It Complex: A Crowdfunder Against Brexit

Racism and fascism didn’t just magically appear on the 23rd of June. For all the European citizens who no longer feel welcome, there are millions of other citizens who were never welcome. Austerity, colonialism and patriarchy have been hardening our bodies for a long time.

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Job: Head of Development and Communications at Wilton’s Music Hall

The Head of Development and Communications is responsible for maximising the net financial contribution to the charity generated by: public funding; trusts, foundations and livery companies, high-net-worth individuals; friends and patrons; corporate sponsorship and local businesses; support-in-kind. This role will also oversee the marketing department and ensure that Wilton’s outward facing message is strong and clear, the brand is understood and that marketing is coordinated and consistent maximising ticket sales.

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