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Becoming Shades: An Underground Circus Kickstarter

Becoming Shades is a show that takes the audience on a journey through the dark heart of the Vaults in Waterloo. The long tunnel of the cavern is transformed into Hades. Performers appear from in front of you, behind you and from up above you. There are no seats, everyone makes their own journey and the action takes place all around. The score has been composed specifically for the show and is performed live. And the circus features high level acrobatics, big aerial drops and falls and multi-performer choreographed fire elements.

Take a look at the Becoming Shades Kickstarter to hear from the team (who collectively have worked for Punchdrunk, Secret Cinema, You Me Me Bum Bum Train and more) and from the director, who talks about the show's feminist ambitions.

"Becoming Shades was envisaged as an antidote to the vast cacophony of voices that tell us there is less place for a woman's experience than a man's, for the endless hollywood films that fail the Bechdel test, for the lack of roll models for girls and women in fiction, to the helpless damsels, to the manic pixie dream girls, that the dominant narrative is the only narrative, to the codes and history created without women."