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Keep It Complex: A Crowdfunder Against Brexit

Racism and fascism didn’t just magically appear on the 23rd of June. For all the European citizens who no longer feel welcome, there are millions of other citizens who were never welcome. Austerity, colonialism and patriarchy have been hardening our bodies for a long time.

We are organising an activation weekend for the arts after the Brexit vote, which will take place over the weekend 13th – 15th January 2017 and we need your help.

According to Breitbart, we're "the hard left-millennials who love EU bureaucrats and hate border control." In fact, we're an intergenerational group of women, who want to do something about all the dicks taking our freedoms and rights, while pretending to be anti-establishment crusaders.

We want to unite against dividers. We use humour and other artistic methods to add cultural complexity to binary political debates.

You've probably seen our stickers Keep British Pensioners In Spain and Leaving The EU Will Not Bring Back The Empire, if not check out www.eu-uk.info. Our work has been featured not only on Breitbart, but also on Frieze and we've worked with Artsadmin, The Showroom, Peckham Platform, Eastside Projects, Rabbits Road Institute, Company Drinks, A---Z, Vote Art, MIMA, Party Politics, Transition Gallery and many more non-institutional organisations and allies.