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Jack the Ripper at Mr Fogg's

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Time 18:00
Date 31/10/13
Price £15
  • Produced by Mr Fogg's
  • Price Thursday-Saturday Free, only £15 for the Sunday performance
  • Get ready for a rip-roaring time
  • Bring along your best Victoriana
  • Surf to website
  • See you at Mr Fogg's

Harping back to the times of London's first and most infamous serial killer, this Halloween will see Mr Fogg's Victorian home become the harrowing site of one of Jack The Ripper's terrifying tours

From Thursday 31st October to Sunday 3rd November guests to Mr Fogg's, temporarily not so humble abode, will be witness to a weekend full of immersive theatre and spine chilling skits and sketches.

From abandoned and severed limbs discovered in trunks, to overly inquisitive surgeons at the bar and impoverished vagabonds skirting around the entrance, Phileas Fogg will indeed have his work cut out for him (literally) on this eerie adventure.

The weekend's events will then culminate in a seated, theatrical spectacle on the Sunday evening, when 80 of Phileas's nearest and dearest will be invited to watch the mystery of The Ripper unfold and Fogg himself will head up a Mayfair man hunt, in an attempt to apprehend Jack on his last jaunt, and save Bruton Lane from further fear of the night.

With groundbreaking discoveries and plot thickening theatrics it comes as no surprise that these terrifying tales will then of course also be reported directly from Mr Fogg's by their daily, hand delivered paper, 'The London News'.

The dress code naturally will be Victorian, and in this case best to stick to it as you wouldn't want to stick out from the crowed and attract any unwanted attention...

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