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Die Freche Muse presents Pandemonium

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Time 19:30
Date 02/11/13
Price £30

DFM are back with an out-of-town Halloween extravaganza based on the dark realms of J Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Follow Satan from the fiery depths of hell and watch as he corrupts Eve and persuades her to eat from the Tree of knowledge.

Experience the guilt and shame of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace; watch their lust and degradation bring Eden crashing down around them.

Choose your side: Are you Mammon, Beelzebub, Belial, Moloch or one of the beautiful archangels?

Enjoy your sinful selves in the beautiful surrounds of Gissing Hall, a listed fifteenth century mansion, situated in five acres of woodland and gardens in the village of Gissing in Norfolk.

The Gissing estate dates back to the 15th Century when it was first owned by the Kemp family. The present Hall was mostly built in the 1820s by the Reverend Sir William Robert Kemp. We are not sure what the Reverend would have thought of the devilishly debauched shenanigans that we have planned for you but we are sure it will have him spinning and toe tapping in his tomb!!!!

Entertainment to include:

Live music from Rasp Thorne & the Briars.

Operatic arias from Kathryn Madge.

Burlesque and performance art: Annette Bette Kellow and Millicent Binks present Adam and Eve’s fall from grace.

Diabolical performance art from Lydia Darling.

A fiendish sound track will be supplied by house DJ Ed Roulette playing music from the Baroque to wigged out Psychedelia and everything in between.

An all inclusive ticket for £115 will include a single party ticket, coach travel to Gissing Hall from London and back again, dinner at Gissing Hall on the Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday morning plus overnight accommodation at Gissing Hall or neighbouring accommodation. Party only tickets are also available for £30.

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