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Fire Hazard: 'Heist - Plan and Execute A Burglary' at A Secret Location...

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Time 12:00
Date 18/12/10
Price £13.5

An intense game for twelve friends, a map, a box of balaclavas and a hacksaw. It's a heist baby! The plan? To retrieve them all without being spotted. Win or lose, this is going to be unforgettable.

You'll need to find an entrance, avoid the guards, slip past the motion sensors and pick the locks. Or, if that's your plan, you can take out the guards, sabotage the sensors and cut the locks. But whatever you do, do it carefully. You only get one chance at this. Back in March, Fire Hazard invited you to make a plan, divvy up the tools, and ransack their Hackney warehouse as patrolling guards tried to stop you. They saw a lot of different play styles. They had people faking a package delivery to get in, hacking a laptop to get the lock codes (or just hacksawing the locks off), sabotaging the motion sensors, and trying (and sometimes succeeding) to be stealthy. One team had a particularly efficient Mr Pink who shot people even when he didn't need to. They are, finally, doing it again - with some new surprises. Here's how it goes down: Twelve of you meet up in a pub for a briefing. They'll give you a map of the building and a bag with some wire cutters, a roll of insulating tape, a couple of radios, and some other toys. You've got half an hour to assign roles and plan your attack, then head down to the building. That's where it gets tense. There are a bunch of packages in there, defended by pressure sensors, passive-IR motion sensors, and patrolling guards. You've got half an hour to retrieve them all without being spotted. Win or lose, this is going to be unforgettable.