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Climate Rush: ‘Weekly Meet’ at 31 Carnaby Street

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Time 19:00
Date 16/03/11
Price Free

Inspired by the Suffragettes this is an Eco group for the girls (and chaps). They've rushed Parliament, dumped poo on Clarkson and just keep on marching. Will you join them?

Climate Rush: Deeds Not Words (Full Film) from Tubby Brother on Vimeo.

They meet every Wednesday, 7pm at 31 Carnaby Street and are open to everyone, men and women alike.

They also hold 'creative' days where materials such as banners and sashes are put together for the actions. A great, relaxed way to take your first step into protest culture.

Email for details

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Meanwhile, you might ask yourself - What Can I Do? Climate Rush isn’t all about getting arrested. There are many different ways to get involved and all of them are lots of fun.

Painting banners, screenprinting sashes, sewing costumes,  designing fliers, illustrating posters, creating performances, making picnic  rugs – whatever form your creativity takes, you can help us keep Climate Rush’s  protests the colourful, visually inventive, witty, celebratory and stylish  events they are known for being. Come to one of our monthly creative days to join in with whatever takes your fancy!

Baking and Cooking
Climate Rush protests usually involve quite a lot of cake  and tea. If you love baking you will always be welcome at our events. In  addition, we are regularly in need of people to cook delicious vegetarian food  to feed our hard working volunteers at our creative days, to make inspiring  lunches for our interns, to cater our protest picnics, and to provide welcoming  food for arrestees post-release after an action.

Direct Action
Welcome to the exhilarating world of direct action! The  genius of a Climate Rush action is that there is always something for everyone.  If you are a rebellious sort who likes your actions to be at the spikier end of  the spectrum, then you may want to get involved with some of the direct action elements of our protests, or even devise and put on your own action! In the past we have chained ourselves to railings, glued ourselves to a statue, blockaded a bridge, hung a banner from a statue, infiltrated a fully policed five-star  hotel, and beat on the doors of Parliament. You may wish to join one of our  actions, or even consider planning your own action based on a suffragette  anniversary, or in reaction to a recent news event.

Action Planning
Do you enjoy the nitty-gritty of logistics and planning?  Getting involved with the planning actions and protests can be very interesting  and thought-provoking as you debate the how-to’s of planning a legal or illegal event and discuss and co-ordinate everything from organising speakers, getting  banners to the destination in time, working out routes and maps, and liaising  with police on the day.

Legal Support
If you don’t want to participate in one of our protests why  not consider coming along as a legal observer? Other incredibly helpful jobs on  the night that don’t involve coming to the protest include manning legal phones, liaising with solicitors, welcoming arrestees on their release from custody or picking them up by car if you drive.

In eight short months the Climate Rush has had an impressive  amount of press attention, with actions being covered in all the major  nationals (Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, Mail, Times) and our members being featured in publications such as Observer Magazine, Vogue, Times Styles, the Ecologist and the Financial Times. If you are interested in joining our press  team please get in touch. You will be working with our press officer, writing  and following up press releases, setting up interviews and pursuing media  tie-ins.

We always need people to hand out fliers – on the street, at  arts events, festivals, gigs, gardens, parks, talks and . We have a list of  fliering opportunities and a stack of fliers and stickers so get in touch if  you would like to help us spread the word. If you prefer virtual fliering, there are plenty of opportunities to network our events over the internet, from  messaging all your facebook friends to getting in touch with different organisations and inviting them to attend.

No action is complete without strong visual documentation so if you would like to help us by photographing our events get in touch.

If you are interested in helping with any of the above, email the Climate Rush crew at: