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Martha Nakintu

Guest Writer

Personal Brief

Martha Nakintu is a British - Ugandan producer, writer, digital marketer and marketing agency owner. Born and raised in South West London surrounded by black womxn, Martha has always gravitated to the causes that affect womxn and understood the importance of sisterhood that can only be found in community. With her agency - hue; she produces marketing campaigns to audiences that they can relate to and generates revenue for clients. With her film club Black Femme Film; she creates safe spaces for black x of mixed heritage womxn to enjoy film. Martha also has a weekly newsletter narrating her personal life experiences called #MXMMONDAYS. Her production company MXM Productions that she founded with her partner - Nana Duncan is one that is on a quest to put ,‘nuanced Black British stories on screen’. Their latest effort is short film Losing Joy written by Nana Duncan and directed by Juliana Kasumu which is currently in post production after being shot in June this year. You can support the short film in pre-production by donating to its crowdfunding campaign here.

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