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Lida Hujic

Guest Editor

Personal Brief

Based in London, operating globally, Dr Lida Hujić is the author of 'The First To Know', as well as a brand strategist in the areas of new product development, brand positioning and briefs necessitating out-of-the-box thinking. At the same time, she is at the epicentre of impactful micro-trends, be it a start-up sure to become the next big thing or phenomena such as "cool knitting", described by Mark Penn (chief campaign adviser to Hilary and Bill Clinton) as "one of the most influential small group movements causing big changes".

Lida's strength as a consultant is in devising bespoke methods to unearth great insights whilst providing memorable experiences for participating clients and consumers. Her USP involves tapping into alpha trend-setters' networks and translating frontier knowledge into a relevant and actionable language for brands. This approach is typically used to unleash new ideas within strategic innovation projects. Alternatively, it is to enable brands to access the highly desirable yet elusive targets of alpha trend-setters, opinion formers and early adopters for their communication strategies. The First to Know, which goes some way to shedding a light on this rare combination, is Lida's first book.

Described by the Guardian newspaper as "really hip", Lida is regularly solicited for opinion at conferences, the (brand marketing/communication) trade and broadsheet press and she was featured as a "trend-setter" in a number of TV shows, including the prestigious style guide La Mode La Mode La Mode on Paris Première.

Lida has a PhD in media and communications from Goldsmiths College hailed as a "pioneering analysis" for which she was awarded "London Student of the Year" (1996) and an MTV Music Video Award (1999) in
"Best Academic Achievement", a specially created category for her.

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'So you think you're cool? read this book to find out how cool you really are! an essential read for anyone wanting to stay one step ahead or at the very least to find out how it's actually done. and of course you're cool, because you're reading this.' Rough Trade’s Top 10 Books 2011
'Fast becoming the intellectual must read.' Time Out

The First to Know: How Hipsters and Mavericks Shape the Zeitgeist is available at independent book shops, boutiques and galleries such as Artwords, Foyles, Rough Trade as well as Amazon.
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