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Emily Swallow

Guest Writer

Personal Brief

Emily Swallow is a recent English literature and creative writing graduate from the University of Warwick. She spends most of her time writing, trying to write, complaining about writer’s block, and suffering at the hands of the British job market. Outside of this, she loves 80s British new wave music, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, romantic poetry, and is an unapologetic user of the oxford comma. 

Artists on your radar, shout them out!

Han Kang for her enviable way with words.  

Louis and Ben Appleby for their paintings.

The Strokes, The Smashing Pumpkins Bug Hunter, and Arlo Parks for their each very different but equally very wonderful music.

Which is your number one location - and what's it best for?

For London – Regent’s Park. Maybe a little touristy, but there’s a reason: it is the perfect place to spot dogs, which is one of my favourite past times. Though I suppose any of London’s many parks would suffice for this purpose.


For outside of London - travel several hundred miles to my house in the Lake District*. Top right hand of the garden near the old climbing frame that my brother and I are too old for now. Perfect for a good book, a snack, and a rare sunbeam for the north of England.


*perhaps not literally. I’m not sure how my parents would take it. 

'Getting creative', what's it all about?

Getting creative is me struggling to answer this question right now. It’s having no real idea what “getting creative” even is, despite having a degree in it. It’s about doing anything and everything to find that spark. It’s the unrivalled elation when you momentarily find you’re able to answer the question.

Your Life, Right Now - what's the soundtrack?

Places to be – Nick Drake 

Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks

Just a Girl – No Doubt

Just Like Heaven – The Cure

Summertime – The Zombies

What is your idea of a jolly good time?

Spending time doing what you love with the people you love. Smiling so much your mouth hurts a little. Not being afraid to do things imperfectly. Doing things imperfectly. Taking your own advice.

What happened the last time you were a complete disgrace?

A lady never tells (my dad is going to see this, hi dad!).

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