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Chiara Badiali

Guest Writer

Personal Brief

Chiara Badiali works at Julie’s Bicycle, a London based charity established in 2007 from within the UK music industry that supports a creative community powering action on climate change and environmental sustainability.

Chiara joined JB in 2012 and works across Julie’s Bicycle’s programmes and events with a focus on music industry engagement. She has worked on projects including the Europe-wide EE MUSIC: energy efficiency in live music (2013-2016) and helped design the Creative Climate Leadership professional development programme. Chiara has contributed to JB publications including the Powerful Thinking ‘The Show Must Go On’ report on UK music festival environmental impacts; IFACCA D’Art Report 34b: The Arts and Environmental Sustainability: An International Overview of cultural policy on environmental sustainability; and Julie’s Bicycle Practical Guides on a wide range of topics. She has worked on consultancy projects with clients including the Royal Albert Hall, Greater London Authority, and Village Underground. Chiara holds a degree in Natural Sciences/History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge and has previously worked in cultural PR, live music promotions, and for music and arts festivals.

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