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Underwire Festival: 'Wired Women' at 71a Gallery

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Time 10:00
Date 26/11/16
Price £16.22

Wired Women is back and this year we’re making it a weekender!

Across the two days, we’ll be bringing you panel discussions, presentations and practical workshops with some of the industry’s leading ladies. Whether you’re looking to tackle the freelance world, develop your short into a feature or are seeking some guidance on that all important (and slightly mind-boggling) budget, Wired Women aims to give you those industry insights from the people who really know what they’re talking about!


Day 1 | Saturday 26 Nov


10:00 Introduction

10:15 Funding: thinking outside the box

Money moves the movie business, but where to get it? In this session, Sarah Mosses (CEO of Together Films) will uncover alternative avenues to getting funding.

11:40 Stats and how to change them

Recent studies have revealed abysmal statistics of women working in film. Looking to the future, we’ll reveal avenues to change those numbers.


12:40 Lunch

13:30 Casting your short 

You've perfected your script and your budget is finalised - now you've just got to tackle the casting. Whether you're looking for your lead or hoping to lure established talent, this session will aim to answer questions about the casting process and how to get the best out of your actors. 


14:40 Games writing

Award-winning screenwriter, story designer and general narrative parademic Rhianna Pratchett discuss the wild new world of writing for games.


16:00 Taking the plunge: shorts to features

A panel of first feature filmmakers as they discuss  the bumpy and often long-winded road from their award-winning shorts to making their first feature.

Day 2 | Sunday 27 Nov

10:15 Story Surgery

Dig into your script with renowned script editor Kate Leys, who has developed some of the UK’s most successful features.

11:40 Budgeting your first feature

Experienced AD and production manager Clare Cahill will go through the art of breaking down a script and creating a schedule that allows the director to tell their story creatively and efficiently.

12:40 Lunch

13:40 The Secret Life of a Foley Artist

Ever wondered what a foley artist actually does? In this lively session, established foley artists reveal the joys of their job. In partnership with Sound Disposition.


14:50 Representing yourself as a freelancer

Questions and notebooks at the ready: in this problem-solving session, Sara Putt (Sara Putt Associates) will be on hand with practical tips on how to kick-start a successful freelancing career.


16:00 Cinematography 101

Join a panel of experienced camerawomen as they talk about how they got into the industry, and the challenges and creative rewards of their craft.

17:30 Drinks

Join us for a drink (or two!) and a spot of networking with fellow filmmakers and speakers from across the weekend. A chance to mull over and chat over everything you’ve heard from our speakers.  

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