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Uncensored Festival: Felix Ruckert – Creating Sex-Positive Spaces at The Yard Theatre

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Time 14:00
Date 18/05/19
Price £31.5

A workshop that provides participants with information and tools to foster a sex-positive culture and encourage a space of free expression through an artistic approach to the sexual body.

Read the Run-Riot Interview with Lidia Ravviso, Artistic Director, UNCENSORED Festival.

Felix Ruckert's long-term pedagogy on dance, participatory theatre and sex-practices has generated expert knowledge in enacting personal empowerment, deconstructing gender stereotypes, fighting sexism and preventing violence and abuse. Ruckert will run a 4-hour workshop-conference. Ruckert’s participation is match-funded by the Goethe Institute.

Felix Ruckert, artist, dancer and choreographer, former Pina Bausch dancer, shook up the dance world with participatory performances and radical scenic explorations in the late 90’s. His experimental dance pieces, participatory theatre and choreographies for ballet earned him an international reputation as one of the most versatile and innovative contemporary German artists. In the last twenty years, he has become well known for his practical and theoretical investigation of the connections between BDSM techniques and artistic practices. From 2007 to 2016, he directed the art venue Schwelle7 in Berlin, dedicated to experimental body methodologies. He is the founder of Xplore festival (held 28 times in 7 countries around the world, attracting more than 6,000 visitors) and also directs EURIX; both events on conscious kink and creative sexuality.