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Uncensored Festival: Vex Ashley: The Four Chambers Experience at The Yard Theatre

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Time 13:00
Date 19/05/19
Price £12

Join Ashley as she brings to Uncensored Festival the talk ‘The Four Chambers Experience’ to present the story, cinematography and peculiar visual style of Four Chambers.

Read the Run-Riot Interview with Lidia Ravviso, Artistic Director, UNCENSORED Festival.

Moreover, the audience will have the chance to reflect on the worldwide crackdown on freedom of expression, notably affecting adult content creators and non-conventional forms of pornography, as well as informed on the sudden spate of suspensions Ashley faced by the hosting crowdfunding site Patreon.

Vex Ashley is an independent porn producer and performer with the Four Chambers project. From a background in analog photography, art school bullshit and digital sex online, Ashley finished a fine art degree and worked as a cam girl before beginning to make films as Four Chambers in 2013. Self-taught in cinematography with an emphasis on collaborative DIY practices, Four Chambers has spearheaded a new wave of creators making contemporary pornographic work from a new perspective with the aim to expand ideas about what porn can say, do and be. Four Chambers is part of the growing decentralization from traditional industry practices. Independent, conceptual, creative, porn cinema.

The talk will be hosted by Come Curious and opened by a delicious vegan lunch by Gaia Pulses included in the ticket’s price.

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