.@julienplante guest edits this week with @The_Convention_ , and his interview here is a brilliant call to arms https://t.co/RmTzwiDdx4
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The Convention: 'Think Anew, Act Anew' at Central Hall, Westminster

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Time 10:00
Date 12/05/17
Price £5

The first large-scale event to offer individuals the chance to hear and take part in crucial debates about the United Kingdom’s future.

Join a host of impressive speakers from the world of politics, art, literature and beyond as they gather to discuss the impact of Brexit on migration, security, economy and the NHS. Speakers include Ian McEwan, arts journalist Jonathan Freedland, activist and journalist Vonny Moyes, A.C. Grayling, Bob Geldof, Caroline Lucas, and many more experts from the UK and beyond. Voices will be raised and conversations about our future will be given the space they deserve.

“Whichever way you voted on Brexit, everyone should be part of the debate about what happens next. The rest of the world is looking at Britain to see how we rise to this moment, can it be with wisdom and creativity? The Convention is the starting point for that challenge” Mary Fitzgerald, Editor-in-Chief openDemocracy