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International Tournament / London Rollergirls: 'Anarchy in the UK' at ExCeL London

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Time 11:00
Date 09/04/11
Price £25

Are you ready for Anarchy? London Rollergirls are bringing you the best and most intense weekend of transatlantic roller derby you've ever seen! And there won’t be just one game, but six! Heck yeah!

9 - 10 April.

Baltimore’s Charm City Roller Girls, Pittsburgh’s Steel City Derby Demons and Canada’s own Montreal Roller Derby will be descending on the capital this spring to give London Rollergirls’ all-star travel team, London Brawling, the challenge of their derby lives.
It’s been a year since Brawling jetted off to the States to take on top American teams in a world-first series of UK v US roller derby bouts. Now they have another premiere: the first time an American all-star roller derby team plays a game on European soil. (And there won’t be just one game, but six!)
The opposition are the three toughest teams ever to venture this side of the pond. Canada's Montreal Roller Derby and Pittsburgh's Steel City Derby Demons are among the top 25 teams in the world according to Derby News Network, and Baltimore's Charm City Roller Girls sit comfortably in the top 10.
The London skaters have been training hard, and are looking to prove themselves for a possible place at the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)’s Eastern Regional Championship in Baltimore this autumn.
Roller derby is one of the fastest-growing sports for women in the UK and around the world, involving speed, strength, strategy on roller skates, and all of the teams are packed with tireless athletes.


COMPETITION: 1x Pair of tickets to attend International Tournament / London Rollergirls: 'Anarchy in the UK' at ExCeL London on either Saturday 9th April or Sunday 10th April.
Please state which date you would like to attend.

To claim your tickets, send an email to vienna@run-riot.com with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ box. The winner will be randomly selected.

Q: A large number of contemporary roller derby leagues are all-female and self-organised, and were formed in an indie, DIY spirit by relatively new roller derby enthusiasts. Most players skate under an alias, also called a derby name, many of which are creative examples of word play with satirical, mock-violent or sexual puns, alliteration, and allusions to pop culture. The names of the bouts themselves are typically as sardonic and convoluted — for example, Nightmare on Hull Street (Nightmare on Elm St.), Night of the Rolling Dead (Night of the Living Dead), Knocktoberfest (Octoberfest)... you get the idea. The question is, out of the following, which one is a play on words for 'Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret'.

A: 1) Are You There Mr Wolf? It's Me, Grandma .2) Are You There Knoxx? It's Me, Clobber .3) Are You There Sweets? It's Me, Toots .4) Are You There Blocker? It's Me, Jammer

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International Tournament - London Rollergirls