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Catharsis at The Horse Hospital

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Time 14:00
Date 27/04/19
Price £13.08

A collection of shorts that approach the question of healing via sexual exploration with sensitivity, bravery and wit, exploring how deep engagement with the body can help improve self image.

Can a deeper engagement with one’s sexuality help address wounds from the past?

Far from being an eroticisation of harm, these films look to see how the erotic can help us consciously move out of harmful patterns and behaviours. The programme covers issues such as trauma, eating disorders and long term illness, while at the same time looking at self care, body positivity and chosen family.

Films Start the time stated, most film programmes have a Q&A with Film Makers or participants.


Rituals of Perpetual Catharsis: Sam The Spanked Boy     
Eleni Parousi | London, UK

The Chemo Darkroom     
Harvey Rabbit | Berlin, Germany

Chronic Illness     
Camille Käse | Berlin, Germany

Martina Scarpelli | France & Denmark

Honey and Glitter     
Marit Östberg | Germany

Life Is Bitter     
Le Roy & Poppy Sanchez | Germany

Reclaiming My Image: Kitchen Scene
Evie Snax + Reclaiming My Image collective | Germany