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Zinzi Minott: 'What Kind of Slave Would I Be?' at Rich Mix

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Time 19:30
Date 22/04/17
Price £8
  • Produced by Rich Mix
  • Price £8-£12
  • Get ready to see yourself through new eyes
  • Bring along a sense of historical identity
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Throughout her research as Artist-in-residence at British Library within the archives Minott has pondered this question, and this body of work is the result thus far.

To ask “What kind of slave would I be?" is to ask who would they have been - to turn slaves into people, politicise the act of remembering. It is an act of temporal trickery. It is an act of memory. It is a sign of temporal respect.

What Kind of Slave Would I Be is a piece of time travel, death, body as machine, base-line and sci- fi. Afro-Futurism invites us to imagine new futures for ourselves – this piece is an invitation to look back and fantasise when we realise we cannot.