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Darren Johnston – Zero Point at the Barbican

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Time 19:45
Date 25/05/17
Price £16
  • Produced by Barbican
  • Price £16–30 plus booking fee
  • Get ready a hypnotic dance of sound, light and movement
  • Bring along tech kids, Tim Hecker fans and Eastern philosophers that haven't been to a dance show before
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An engrossing sensory performance inspired equally by the sacred and scientific, Zero Point fuses digital imagery produced by motion-sensing technology with meditative choreography.

Hypnotic light and video projections fill the space onstage to form virtual architecture, connecting the seamless fluidity and precise grace of an ensemble of Japanese dancers. Enhanced by the frequencies of an ambient soundscape, the experience is illusory and immersive. Canadian composer Tim Hecker, a pioneer of experimental electronic music, provides an additional energy to power the piece.

British choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist Darren Johnston embarked on a residency in Kochi, Japan, to research concepts of zero point, delving into sacred ceremonial spaces, ancient rituals and Eastern thinking on rebirth. With a movement vocabulary drawing influences from Butoh, Qigong, contemporary dance and neo-classical ballet, he has distilled all his ideas into this innovative new show.

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