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Audrey Tautou: 'Beautiful Lies' in Cinemas 12 August

Still searching for a film as heartwarming as Amelie? Well this may be it. Audrey Tautou stars in Beautiful Lies, a French film out in cinemas on 12th August. The film follows Emilie (Audrey) who receives a love letter which she initially casts off, but then readdresses to her mother after seeing the anguish she's going through with the breakup of her marriage. Inevitably, this backfires as her mother becomes obsessed with her daughter's secret admirer, spiralling into a love-triangle as touching and amusing as anything you'd expect from Audrey.

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Hackgate: The Movie - The News at the End of the World

The scandal of the century is now the most important film of the year...

Starring Paddy Considine as private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, Simon McBurney as Paul McMullan, Russell Crowe as Andy Coulson, Rowan Atkinson playing Labour leader Ed Miliband, Hugh Grant as prime minister David Cameron, Colin Firth playing Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan playing himself, Peter Kay at MP Tom Watson, Hilary Swank as James Murdoch, Geoffrey Rush as his father Rupert Murdoch, and ‘in his cinema debut’ Mick Hucknall as Rebekah Brooks.

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Frights, Camera, Action! Bloody Cuts: Lock Up

We've all sat through a horror movie from time to time and thought: 'Okay, so, there were some pretty fantastic parts in that movie, but too damn much of the extra twaddle to really, I mean REALLY stick in your mind'. Keeping that in your noggin, Bloody Cuts are doing their part in the industry to combat all that cinematic fluffiness.

Unleashing their first of 13 chilling offerings 'Lock Up' takes its first bite out of the horror cake, and good grief, it made one hell of a splattering in my mind.

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Kneehigh's Red Shoes Trailer

Surreal and sensuous, quirky and profound, bloody and bare – Cornwall’s Kneehigh bring you a menacing cabaret where anything is possible and nothing is probable. With music to make your toes twitch, images to make your mouth water and a story to make your heart pound, the menacing world of the fairy story is revealed.


Find out more information on Kneehigh's wonderfulfully dark, brilliantly sexy and superbly stunning Red Shoes, here.

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The Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight

The year was 1979, and The Sugarhill Gang were ready to whip up a storm with  Rapper's Delight. With this track, Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank and Master Gee hipped 'hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you don't stop, rock it out baby bubbah to the boogie da bang bang the boogie to the boogie da beat' and Rapper's Delight shot up in the charts. It just so happens that that this track was the first hip-hop single to become a Top 40 hit!

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