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Hackgate: The Movie - The News at the End of the World

The scandal of the century is now the most important film of the year...

Starring Paddy Considine as private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, Simon McBurney as Paul McMullan, Russell Crowe as Andy Coulson, Rowan Atkinson playing Labour leader Ed Miliband, Hugh Grant as prime minister David Cameron, Colin Firth playing Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan playing himself, Peter Kay at MP Tom Watson, Hilary Swank as James Murdoch, Geoffrey Rush as his father Rupert Murdoch, and ‘in his cinema debut’ Mick Hucknall as Rebekah Brooks.

We have to confess, we sooooo wish this were a real film. Without beating about the bush, we think it would kind of make this whole wire-tapping thing worthwhile.