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Interview: Jodie Harsh, undisputed Queen of London's Nightlife reveals the latest incarnation of legendary Circus night

Jodie Harsh is one of the capital's finest polymaths after dark. Harsh has been lighting up London's nightlife for several years as DJ, club promoter and producer and all round party gal. Jodie has become a fashion muse in the capital and beyond and achieved international acclaim DJing in New York, Ibiza and Milan to name but three.


The paparazzi are never far away when The Real Queen of England is out and about showcasing her latest look and on the arm of a famous friend or two. The alter-ego of former LCF student Jay Clarke is very much part of the tapestry of London clubland. We stole a few moments to get the lowdown on the next time the Circus comes to town...


RR: You are famous for putting on amazing nights in London. What's special about your new night on the 20th of November? Is there a particular theme? Will you be DJ-ing yourself?

JH: I've really expanded the Circus brand this year, and tried lots of different things, ahead of an even bigger outreach next year. This time around I'm doing a warehouse rave of sorts. Style of Eye is DJ'ing - he's one of my favourite producers, as is the new guy in town Shake Aletti. It's called Circus:Blackout, and, yes, the name is quite literal - not only will there be actual complete 2-minute blackouts throughout the night, but there will also be a strict dress code of black only. If you're not head to toe in black, you're literally not getting in!!

RR: Where is it? The gorgeous Paramount?

JH: Not this time around, it's at Rehearsal Studios in Shoreditch, under the Kingsland Road bridge. It's a giant railway arch - very sexy and grimy!  

RR: What are your inspirations for the night?
JH: Sex, dancing and darkness. And lazors!!


RR: I've always wanted to ask why you chose Circus as the name of your club-nights! Are you the ring mistress of the Circus?

JH: It's always been quite a loose theme and not so literal. There are no big tops or clowns involved! I guess I'm the ringleader - I'm the one running around holding it all together. Actually I call the DJ's, performers and dancers the Circus troupe because they're such a motley crew.  

RR: What does the future hold for The Real Queen of England?

JH: A tour for Circus next year and some of my own musical production releases. Stay tuned for Spring 2011. 


Roll up! Roll up! Join the Circus at Dressing up to view the website is advised but strictly optional. Make-up, however, is mandatory.


"I just ate a carb. Oops!"  follow Jodie day-to-day on twitter @jodieharsh. Or pay a visit to Jodie's official site:

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