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Flash Projects: ‘Canned Candies - The Nudes of Jean Clemmer’ at 8 Kingley Street

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Time 11:00
Date 18/12/10
Price Free

Coinciding with the London Fashion in Film Festival, Flash Projects launch an exhibition of iconic original photographs by Jean Clemmer, exploring fantasy, sensuality and haute couture in 60s Paris.

Exhibition runs until 18 December.


The exhibition captures beautifully the utopian dreams of an era, exploring the realms of science fiction and fantasy. Erotic images of models as muse for French couturier Paco Rabanne's famed futuristic rhodoid and aluminium chain-mail jewellery, the photographs were both styled and created by Clemmer, depicting nude female models 'dressed' in Rabanne's 'unwearable' fashions, epitomising the radical culture of sexual freedom of the 1960s at its apex in 1969.

An exploration of the rituals of interplay between the female body and adornment, Clemmer expressed the ornamented human form as vehicle for sensuality, spectacle and pleasure through both performance and static pose. Capturing the essence of a lost era, these rare original vintage and limited edition contemporary prints offer a unique opportunity to acquire some of the most innovative images of the 1960s.

Intrinsically involved with Salvador Dalí's later flamboyant realisation of Surrealism, Clemmer was the artist's personal photographer for 20 years and was close friends with the French poet, writer, artist, and man-about-town Jean Cocteau. His radical collaborator Paco Rabanne's designs were featured in iconic 1960s films such as Barbarella (1968) and his clothes worn and loved by stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Francoise Hardy.