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Have Your Cake and Eat It!

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Time 13:05
Date 27/08/11
Price £60
  • Price £60
  • Get ready to be astonished that you have actually had your five a day
  • Bring along a sense of culinary adventure
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  • See you at The Class Rooms

The Class Rooms Culinary Academy is playing host to Harry Eastwood in a unique, interactive and fun-filled Afternoon Tea entitled ‘Have Your Cake and Eat it’.

Harry, a pioneering foodie and co-founder of Petit Pois, the original vegetable cake company that offers a range of delicious cakes made secretly from vegetables will be conducting a cooking demonstration in which guests can participate and learn how to make three different styles of cake with recipes taken from her book ‘Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache’. They include a magnificent Banana and Sticky Toffee cake, made with butternut squash and a rich Heartache Chocolate Cake to die for, made with aubergine and scones made from courgettes. Low calorie, gluten free and truly indulgent, Harry will show that being healthy is a piece of cake!

Guests can also pick up tips from Harry who first came to the public’s attention in 2007 as co-presenter of Channel 4’s ‘Cook Yourself Thin’ before being seated together for a decadent afternoon tea, featuring the freshly baked cakes, scones, clotted cream and jam accompanied by a variety of tea’s and a glass of Prosecco. The Class Rooms Culinary Academy is situated in a magnificent historic building, formerly the Daily Mail headquarters, ensuring a sumptuous setting for an afternoon of fun.

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