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Vienna de' Tavora


Personal Brief

Vienna de' Tavora is Run-Riot’s Web Manager, Sub-Editor and Competition Queen. De' Tavora supports with the technical aspects of the web management and analytics as well as the day-to-day Editorial.


De' Tavora moved to London in 2007 and immediately became involved with Run-Riot working with the Editorial. Originally hailing from the West Country where she led a life of sex, drugs and rock and roll – coming to London and joining Run-Riot seemed the natural progression. With an eye for the obscure and an appreciation of all things leftfield of leftfield de Tavora simply isn’t that curious about what most of us get turned on about. That’s her USP. Take it or leave it, babe.

Artists on your radar, shout them out!

Which is your number one location - and what's it best for?

'Getting creative', what's it all about?

Your Life, Right Now - what's the soundtrack?

What is your idea of a jolly good time?

What happened the last time you were a complete disgrace?

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