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Feminism and Fantasy: An Evening with Christina Henry, Dhonielle Clayton and Sarah Maria Griffin at Waterstones Piccadilly

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Time 18:30
Date 03/08/18
Price £5.6

From female protagonists to feminist dystopias, join Christina, Dhonielle and Sarah as they explore how feminism is carving its own niche in Young Adult Fantasy!

Christina Henry is perhaps best known as the author of the Chronicles of Alice duology, Alice and Red Queen, a dark and twisted take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Her latest novel, The Mermaid, is a ‘beautifully written and daringly conceived’ story of passion and courage in which women ‘have only the power they seize for themselves:’ an original and fantastical story of empowerment and emancipation.

Dhonielle Clayton is an author and Chief Operating Officer of the non-profit We Need Diverse Books. Her latest novel, The Belles has been praised as ‘the next big groundbreaking event in YA’ (Rick Riordan): a ‘rich,’ ‘gripping’ and ‘thought-provoking’ novel about ‘morality, individuality, and the malleability and artificiality of beauty.’

Sarah Maria Griffin is the author of Not Lost and, more recently, Spare and Found Parts. A fierce, dystopian novel ‘about hope and human ingenuity,’ Spare and Found Parts realizes a world destroyed by human obsession with technology. Channelling Tim Burton and Frankenstein, Griffin’s writing is ‘compelling, full of secrets, blackmail, and betrayals.’

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