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Art of Mindfulness: Mind Wandering Workshop - ‘Not All Mind Wandering is Lost’ at Cockpit Arts Holborn

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Time 13:00
Date 30/05/15
Price £56

In this insightful 4-hour workshop, you will learn how to train and fine-tune your brain's attention networks, helping you to better manage your own mind wandering capacity.

What really happens when our mind wanders?

Mind wandering happens when our mind stops being present, when our attention is hijacked from tasks to unrelated thoughts and feelings. It is thought that almost 50% of our daily cognition is spent mind wandering. Yet research now suggests that not all mind wandering is bad for us. Positive mind wandering can actually enhance self- awareness, creativity, improvisation and evaluation. The problem is that the untrained mind has a life of its own, leaving us unaware when and how our mind has wandered.

Drawing on the latest neuroscience research, the workshop is a creative exploration of mind wandering, its benefits and costs. It includes a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises.


- Understand the difference between positive and negative mind wandering

- Spot the subtleties of mind wandering more quickly

- Get less distracted

- Focus the mind more quickly

- Improve clarity of thought

- Increase productivity

- Improve your concentration

- Create more space for creative thinking

- Increase working memory

- Suitable for people with some experience of Mindfulness training or Meditation looking to enhance the quality of their practice.

About The Trainer
Dr. Tamara Russell is a neuroscientist, author, clinical psychologist, martial artist, and leading Mindfulness trainer. Her forthcoming book, ‘Mindfulness in Motion’ explores the links between movement, mind and the brain. Read our interview with Tamara here [August, 2014].

For more information about Art of Mindfulness, Dr. Tamarra Russell, our workshops and courses - please email Jo Childs at courses@run-riot.com

Art of Mindfulness is produced by Run Riot Projects, our not-for-profit adventure. More.

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