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'A New and Better You' at The Yard

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Time 20:00
Date 26/06/18
Price £15
  • Produced by The Yard
  • Price £15, concessions available
  • Get ready for self-help with a difference
  • Bring along your broken resolutions
  • Surf to The Yard
  • See you at The Yard Theatre

The premiere of a hilarious, surreal and motivational show written by Joe Harbot and directed by Cheryl Gallacher.

When I look at you I think—

And I’m sure a lot of people think—

What a clear example you are—

What a clear example of what not to be

Of what to avoid—

What a waste of space, I think.

You self sabotage. You’re always on your phone. You procrastinate. Your bathroom has mould on the shower. You don’t exercise regularly. You don’t eat your recommended five a day.

But it’s not too late – it’s never too late! Things can be different! You can make a change – you’re the master of your own destiny after all. It’s all down to you. Society’s not going to change for you, so you need to change for society.

A New and Better You asks you to take action, to improve absolutely everything and to become something magnificent. Because that’s what you want. This is what you want.

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