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Company Three Presents: 'The Act' at The Yard

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Time 20:00
Date 10/04/18
Price £15
  • Produced by The Yard
  • Price £15, concessions available
  • Get ready for some teenage kicks
  • Bring along anyone who's forgotten their first love
  • Surf to The Yard
  • See you at The Yard Theatre

The Act is about love between teenagers. It’s about how you think we look together. The way things feel, the first time you feel them.

Give her a cheeky smile, let her know you’re interested—

You need to catch her eye, you know flirtatious stuff? You need to be a little bit vulnerable—

Be confident.

Show her your soft side—

But you don’t wanna be too vulnerable. You don’t wanna be too soft—

Pretend they’re the only one—

Because then they’ll feel special.

The Act is awkward, funny, terrifying. It is excruciating anticipation…

Following the “beautifully conceived” Brainstorm (★★★★, The Observer) at the National Theatre, and the “exuberant energy and unfettered honesty” (The Guardian) of The Future in 2016, Company Three return to The Yard with a new production performed every night by a cast of teenagers. Expect unplanned connections, live play, and to feel some feelings for the first time (again).

“By the end of the show it feels like I have crouched down next to these teenagers, searched for their pulse and felt it beat.” Miriam Gillinson, Exeunt

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