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Richard Pye

Personal Brief

Richard is a Performer, Programmer and Presenter.  

Richard has performed nationally and internationally with Russel Maliphant, James Cousins, Lea Anderson, Studio Wayne McGregor and Rosemary Lee. Richard has also worked with Live Art, Fashion and Film collaborations with artists such as visual artist Afra Zamara, Director Imogen Knight, and Poet James Massiah.

Richard has hosted and presented for live audiences, TV and Radio. Most of note, Richard hosted his own live interview series called "i am..." at the Southbank Centre, where guests spoke of life experiences relating to youth culture and the creative industries. Guests included MIA, Ashley Walters and Liv Little. Richard also hosts his own radio show on Camden Radio.

As a Producer Richard has worked for The Southbank Centre, Moniker Art Fair and The Place. His curatorial credits include Frameless LDN, Oxfam and Extinction Rebellion. Richard is also a PEER artist at Studio Wayne McGregor and currently sits on the Board of Directors at Danceeast, undertaking the role of Diversity Champion.

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