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Zombie Apocalypse Sleepover

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Time 14:30
Date 29/10/11
Price £10

Circle the Wagons Survivors! When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. Combat this with an apocalypse party to end 'em all. Groovy!

When there is no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth! That's it...it's finally happened. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us, and if we have learned anything that features in full abundance throughout the many undead, Zombie movies, then we must flee the city, encamp in survivors circles in the woods and work as a team! (Run-Riot accepts no responability for anyone following this advice during a Zombie Apocalypse...)

So join The Bootleg Bus in their Essex Central Line Citadel (exact location to be provided to ticket buyers and brave new world joinees only!) All conveniences will be provided - this includes Bonfires for the corpses of the (hopefully) ex-walking dead. And a BBQ. Oh and, a Zombie Lurch Disco (Practice your Thiller moves!), plus, an Undead Double Bill, and of course (not to be overlooked!)… The Manual… The manual for your survival, for when the undead attack.

NB: There are a very limited amount of tickets on sale. So what ya waiting for? Stop what you're doing and get booking!

Please also note: It is said that in Vodou legend that the feeding of salt to a zombie will make it return to the grave. So make sure to bring that salt grinder... No finer weapon in a pinch! Meanwhile, Lawnmowers and Sade LPs will NOT be provided. And of course, most importantly, have a 'dead' good time folks! It's inevitable you will. And, remember - survival is the key. However… ones existence for the duration of this coruscating 'plagued Zombie' night, is naturally, unpredictable. Muhahaha!

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