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‘Assuming the audience is smart is a good place to start’: multi-award winning performer and writer Christopher Green on his latest show

[Christopher Green 'No Show'. Photographer credit Holly Revell]

Hi, my name is Christopher Green and I absolutely, definitely will totally be at my show next week. Aaaah! But, look, we live in a very uncertain world! Well… no, I absolutely want to. I will be there. For sure… probably?!

At the moment, I’m simultaneously rehearsing my new show No Show - which opens at The Yard next week - writing a book about audience-based theatre practice and managing a worrying online shopping habit.  The latter is the most time consuming. My main social engagement at the moment is with anyone who does Collect+.

I wanted to make a one man show as myself, which is something I’ve never really done before. In the past I’ve played characters like Tina C, made immersive shows like The Home and written plays for the Beeb. But much more than this being a one man show all about ME, I wanted it to be about the relationship between the audience and the performer.

And when I say relationship you can infer that I want to discuss how things are going between us. I’m absolutely not breaking up with you.  Well, I might be. I mean, I’m not. I just want us to discuss it! It’s totally me, not you. But still … this could get intimate.

I think people want to be in power but they are not really interested in being leaders. And royals aren’t keen on being royal. We get it, it’s tough. But what happens to the rest of us when that vacuum happens?

[Christopher Green 'No Show'. Photographer credit Holly Revell]

What interests me is what happens next. Like, if a performer - someone who can normally be relied upon to want to be the centre of attention - ducks out of that contract?

No Show is the logical extension of the ideas I’ve been exploring for my whole career but I’d say it’s even more entertaining - and yet the most experimental. Sometimes performers behave like they don’t like working with an audience. But isn’t that the point of it being live?   I love audiences because they are me. And they are you. WE are the audience and we deserve to be treated with respect and with the assumption that we are smart, humane and humorous.

My work is all about safeguarding, no matter what scale the work is pitched at. It’s a confidence thing. My work is pitched between therapy and entertainment. The therapeutic aspect is at least as important as the fun times and clever ideas. And assuming the audience is smart is a good place to start.

Christopher Green: christophergreen.net | @kit_green

Christopher Green: No Show
24 Feb - 14 March
at The Yard Hackney
Info and tickets: theyardtheatre.co.uk

[Christopher Green 'No Show'. Photographer credit Holly Revell]

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