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Breaking Bindings

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Time 11:00
Date 08/12/11
Price Free

Breaking Bindings is a story workshop where fabelist artists navigate pages to illustrate the stories they've overheard, sharing with the public their interpretation of personal & universal narratives

There's something rather different about the festive celebrations at Alfies Antiques Market this year...On December 8th the Fabelist will be hosting a live art and literature pop up in The Rooftop Terrace restaurant, creating an utterly unique kind of art book.  

'Breaking Bindings' pop up events allow people to share in The Fabelist's ethos of exposing the process and conversations behind creative productivity.

In the days before the pop up the participating  artists, writers and spoken word performers collect, overhear and borrow real life stories and experiences from unsuspecting members of the general public.

The inspired story tellers then illustrate this snippet using their own unique skills and style, in a carefully sourced public venue. In addition the interactions that the Fabelists have between themselves and with their audience also become woven into the fabric of the work, linking the stories and making the final collection utterly unique and timeless.

The aim is to create a series of uniquely Fabelist 'books'. These books will travel around the country, being exhibited in as many public venues as possible in order to spread our stories far and wide.

On December 8th a team of writers and artists- who, in typically Fabelist style, range from young aspirants to established practitioneers, painters to theorists- will be finishing the book started at Rivington Place Contemporary Art Gallery in October.

The new group- featuring the combined talents of: Carrie May, Abigail Box, Nicola Anthony, Richard O'Brien and Zoe Catherine-Kendall, presided over by the director of The Fabelist Francesca Goodwin- will be adding more stories and sharing more experiences with a fresh audience from 11am to 9pm, as part of Alfies' christmas shopping party.

Come along and you never know- it could be your story being told.

Find Breaking Bindings at Alfies Antique Market 13-25 Church Street, Marylebone, London NW8 8DT

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