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We’d love to hear  your thoughts! This is a project that will continue to develop – so please say what you’d like. Not enough info? Too mainstream? Too alternative? What would  you like more of? Please send your comments... we’re open to ideas.  

Please note this is not a definitive listing, so not all events are  included. The focus is on arty things going on in London. Our agenda is simply  promoting unusual ‘cultural activity’ taking place in mainstream arts  locations and mainstream stuff in weird places; not forgetting counterculture  gems that are just too damn fine to miss.


Editorial, Advertising & Marketing: jamie [at] run [hyphen] riot [dot] com
Run Riot Customer Services: shop [at] run [hyphen] riot [dot] com

Run Riot
P1. Village Underground
54 Holywell Lane
London EC2A 3PQ

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