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What You See / Don’t See When…

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Time 00:00
Date 17/11/22
Price Free

Come along to ‘What You See When Your Eyes Are Closed / What You Don’t See When Your Eyes Are Open’, a live performance piece about acts of seeing and being seen.

t features Cyclops, a furry monster who sees the world two-dimensionally through his single eye, and Mamoru, a human with two faces, looking forward and back, who sees the world through his four eyes. 

Cyclops and Mamoru will lead exploration on what liveness means today and you may be invited to interact with the performers if you wish. In the live performance arena, unlike watching a screen, everyone – performers, technicians and audiences – will have completely different visual experiences of the same event.

Fragments of text will be embedded in the physical performance and a booklet of the performance script will also be available. 

Please be aware that the show will contain brief nudity.

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