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Walking with Kubrick: Atmospheres staring at A Secret Location...

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Time 20:00
Date 04/09/19
Price £8

Join this walking tour of the city and experience an evening in the world of Kubrick’s films and discover some of the locations behind his iconic movies.

Wednesday 10 July and Wednesday 04 September.

How did Stanley Kubrick use London to create some of cinema’s most memorable scenes?

Experience an evening in the world of Kubrick’s films through this walking tour of the city. Drawing on research from the Stanley Kubrick Archive held at UAL and the history of London - this walk invites participants to view the city through Kubrick’s lens. Designed and led by UAL postgraduate students, Hannah Hrzic and Rebecca Mackay, the walk begins with the dystopian scenes of A Clockwork Orange and ends at the dreamscapes of Soho from Eyes Wide Shut. The tour introduces participants to key locations from Kubrick’s films to explore the atmospheres he sought to create.

Participants will be emailed the starting location for this walk shortly before the event.