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TimeWave - An International Festival Fusing Theatre & Tech

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Time 19:30
Date 22/05/13
Price £10
  • Produced by Time Wave
  • Price £10
  • Get ready Jumping in as Talent and Interacting with People around the World
  • Bring along Mobile phone
  • Surf to website
  • See you at Innovation Warehouse

TimeWave is a new international festival that fuses technology and theatre to explore the theme of 'Transformation' in the 21st Century.

 Produced by LoNyLa (lonyla.com), a global artists network, and 42Video (42video.com), a video production company with a team of filmmakers and entrepreneurs, in partnership with Innovation Warehouse (theiw.org), a leading British accelerator for digital startups, TimeWave gathers audiences to experience a performance that is simultaneously theatrical, cinematic, and Internet-driven, and where audiences can contribute via social media. We hope it's the beginning of a new face of the communal viewing experience. Dozens of award-winning artists and multimedia creators from around the world will gather in London, May 2013. Writers and multimedia creators have reflected on change. It could be a personal cartharsis or an imagined couple's journey into space. Audiences can participate in TimeWave not only as commentators but as creators. They can hone in on the subtext of a scene and write their own dialogue, expressing it via SMS text inputs. The Twitter feed will then be projected into a live performance in London.